Silent Hill: Book of Memories Will Feature Multiplayer

The Silent Hill series has always been known as a great psychological thriller, games in the franchise have a way of getting inside the player’s head. Konami announced that in the upcoming Silent Hill: Book of Memories, players will be able to share the horror with a friend.

Yes, for the first time in the franchise’s history, Silent Hill will have multiplayer. Silent Hill: Book of Memories is coming exclusively to the PlayStation Vita. If the PlayStation Vita sells well, this could be a great device to introduce multiplayer on. Konami is also working on Silent Hill: Downpour, which is the next full-fledged installment of the Silent Hill series. Silent Hill: Downpour was suppose to release in the Fall, but Konami has pushed it back to the winter. Konami was considering having developer Vatra work on multiplayer for Downpour, but they scrapped that idea in favor of adding multiplayer to Book of Memories. Konami will be working on the multiplayer themselves. Series producer, Tom Hulett, explained why Vatra won’t be working on the multiplayer.

We decided if we don’t have something that is uniquely Silent Hill and feels good in multiplayer, we don’t want to just tack it on. We don’t just want to throw something in to say, ‘hey, there’s a bullet point.’

Hulett did not say if the multiplayer would be cooperative or competitive; however, he did mention that the multiplayer would not be using the Unreal Engine, which is the engine Vatra was using. No other details have been given at this time.