New Shadows of the Damned Trailer Takes Flight

It looks like Dark Souls isn’t the only game that can do giant bosses. Goichi Suda and Shinji Mikami’s Shadows of the Damned has shown plenty of footage of absolutely gigantic demons. If you prefer your boss battles with a little more heavy metal and profanity, then you are in luck.

EA released a new trailer for Shadows of the Damned showing the main protagonist, Garcia Hotspur, fighting a giant crow-like demon. The battle looks like a boss battle, since it shows the demon going through several different fighting forms. Most of the boss battle is spent shooting at different weak spots that appear on the demon’s body. Notice that Hotspur has several different weapons, which he can switch between on the fly. If the trailer has peaked your interest in the game, you won’t have to wait long to try it out, as it releases next Tuesday on the 21st.