PlayStation Becomes Top 10 ‘Liked’ Brand on Facebook

Regardless of what country you live in, chances are that you’ve heard of a little website called Facebook. Boasting over 500 million active members with reports claiming the social networking site drives more traffic than even Google, Facebook has effectively become a platform for brands and services to reach their consumers and, with the great efforts put forth by SCEA’s social media management, PlayStation has made it to the top of of the website.

Anyone who is familiar with the website is well aware of the various community and corporate made Facebook Pages that annoy help users connect to their favorite celebrities, products, services, and literally just about anything else users can think of. While brand Pages do not typically achieve the high-ranking numbers that other Pages like Eminem and Zynga’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, the top “Liked” brands on Facebook are by no means far behind. With over 15.2 million Likes on Facebook, the PlayStation platform has made it into the top 10 list on Facebook, pushing it past iTunes and Victoria’s Secret.

Undoubtedly, the PlayStation Network outage from last month, while a considerable negative for the business, brought the attention from the faithful consumers to push the PlayStation name to the top. Since we’re in the mood for social networking, be sure to “Like” the official PlayStation LifeStyle Facebook Page to help you stay connected to the lifestyle, and maybe next year we can become the most liked brand.