Silent Hill HD Collection Whispers New Details Including Audio Improvements

Silent Hill games have made for some of the creepiest, sleep-depriving experiences in the past decade. They’ve helped invigorate the survival-horror genre, so it’s only appropriate that the PlayStation 3 gets an HD collection of two of its finest releases. Konami has shared very little information regarding the collection, other than its PS3 exclusivity, but leave it to retailers to break the ice.

Gamestop has opened up pre-orders for the upcoming Silent Hill HD Collection, and the page isn’t empty either; there are new details we haven’t heard before. According to the site, the collection will be titled Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection, and as such will feature 720P support. On top of your expected trophy additions, something unorthodox has been revealed. The page states:

Completely updated in-game voiceover directed by series vocalist Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and soundtrack score enhancing the storytelling and ambient music within each re-mastered game

What the extent of these changes will be is presently unknown, but the original releases of Silent Hill 2 and 3 both had some outstanding audio, so this is a shocking change. Some quality surround-sound implementation would make sense, but hopefully the music tracks are kept intact. The series thrives on outstanding audio execution rather than cheap scares, and these changes can really enhance the experience if done right.