BioWare Shares Trials and Tribulations Encountered During Mass Effect’s Development

Franchises as big as Mass Effect have extremely high expectations to meet, and can be downright difficult to engineer. The upcoming third entry into the series, Mass Effect 3, is supposedly the last entry into what will become an epic trilogy, and BioWare has been hard at work on it for quite some time. Even though it isn’t out yet, that doesn’t mean BioWare doesn’t mind sharing thoughts about the series, including trials and tribulations during its development.

Recently, BioWare’s Art Director Derek Watts had an interview with Xbox World 360 Magazine and had some interesting things to say about the franchise and where it all began:

Art-wise the original levels [in ME1] worked really well but for gameplay they weren’t so good… We had a lot of raised platforms and areas you could get caught up in – stuff we should have fixed right from the beginning.

Because it was our first next-gen game we were actually thinking we were doing a really good job. It’s just the challenge of trying to make that first next-gen game was huge. Everybody else had issues too.

Getting used to the technology made it difficult for us. We wanted those wide open areas, those swooping curves, the grand vistas and stuff, but it was hard to do with that engine,

It’s great to see such a unique series evolve over the years. Countless fans around the world are anxiously awaiting to see what happens in the conclusion of the trilogy when the game releases next year.