Warner Bros. to Bring Lollipop Chainsaw Stateside

A couple of weeks ago, news broke that Suda51 already had another project in the oven; one that, unsurprisingly, looks just as bizarre as everything else that has come out of Grasshopper Manufacture. Due to the rather “unique” quality of the team’s titles, their games don’t tend to sell all that well outside of Japan, so when Lollipop Chainsaw was announced, speculation loomed as to whether or not the title would even make it outside of Japan. Thanks to Warner Bros., it looks like gamers in the west will get to wield a pink chainsaw soon enough.

Lollipop Chainsaw follows the story of a high school cheerleader who must fend off zombies that have attacked her school. According to Suda, this was no spur of the moment project, as he’s wanted to do a game like this for some time.

Actually I’ve wanted to do a crazy horror-action game like this set in a school for a while now. Something where the classrooms, corridors, gymnasium and so on are suddenly transformed into something completely different.

No word on exactly when the game will see store shelves, though an announcement is likely coming soon.