Deus Ex Discloses “Classified Information”

As we approach the release date for the highly anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution, plenty of new videos have steadily released, offering more information each time. The latest of these has just arrived, entitled “Classified Information.”

The new Deus Ex is a prequel to the previous two iterations in the series, but it still embodies the primary aspects of gameplay that made its predecessors so successful. Recently, we’ve seen a handful of videos detailing the four pillars of gameplay players can use throughout the game, including Combat, Stealth, Hacking, and Social skills. While certainly informative in their own right, the new “Classified Information” video summarizes the premise of the game, various gameplay mechanics, and emphasizes the huge impact that player choice will have on each situation.

Wow, that crotch stab looked brutal. There’s a couple other tidbits here that are particularly interesting, such as the narrator mentioning that city hubs change according to your actions, causing “opportunities to rise or vanish.” This is always a great feature to see since it provides ample replayability in single player titles like this, and it should be interesting to see just how different scenarios are as a result of being a brute force player, or a sly negotiator.

They also mention that “though dead ends may arise, you’re never stuck.” I certainly hope this is the truth, since my first intention will be to play as a stealth agent. There’s always the fear of encountering a powerful boss and being underpowered as a result of investing in stealth upgrades, but the idea of sneaking past or making a stealth kill on an enormous robot seems especially cool. If nothing else, at least we’ve got another preview of the always enthralling looking gameplay.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is currently slated for release on August 23 in North America, August 25 in Australia, August 26 in Europe, and September 8 in Japan, bringing us one of the most interesting video game premises of the year.