Psychics Mindblast Into 7th Dragon 2020

Here we’ve got eight screens and the cover artwork of 7th Dragon 2020, an upcoming RPG for PSP by the good folks at Sega. To go along with these images, Sega has announced that the game will ship to Japanese retailers on October 27th of this year. No international launch dates have been discussed publicly.

These screens focus on the “Psychic” job class. Players can develop characters’ as full-on psychics with massive mental powers or go the route of mixing and matching, though the latter would come with less power. RPG fans are certainly no strangers to the balancing act between high-powered specialists and toned-down jacks of all trades.

7th Dragon 2020 is the sequel to a DS RPG that was well hyped in Japan, but no publisher was confident enough in its marketability to try and bring it overseas. With the PSP’s international popularity being nowhere near what it is in Japan, this PSP exclusive sequel will likewise experience a very low chance of seeing foreign shops. Importers are looking at about 6,279 yen to bring this baby home.