New Screens for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released

Square Enix has released a couple of new screenshots for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, which released last year. In the screens we get a good look at yet another location players will make a return to in the sequel.

One of the screen shots focuses on the Paddra ruins, which is all that is left of one of the most thriving cities on Pulse. However, now that the, once popular, city is in ruin, playing home to scientists and soldiers. Another screen showcases Yaschas Massif, a forest area with mountains, lush vegetation, and we have to think monsters. Among the rest of the screens are a couple of combat ones showing Serah, Lightning’s sister, getting into the action with her bow and some up close attacks.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to release late this year in Japan and early next year in both North America and Europe.