Ragnarok Demo Lets Players, Wait, Finish?

Generally, a game demo might contain anywhere from five minutes to perhaps half an hour of gameplay, depending on the game and the genre, of course. For an RPG, a demo lasting an hour would be considered pretty huge. With Ragnarok: Princess of Dark and Light, GungHo Online Entertainment is going all-out, giving players the chance to see an entire scenario unfold, from start to finish. Gamers who download the demo of this traditional turn-based RPG will indeed get a whole chapter, complete with the ability to save their progress and pick up where they left off, upon release day.

It’s not said exactly how long this first scenario is, but it is a complete story, including an ending, a credit roll, and the whole shebang. I wouldn’t expect some 40-hour full length epic with this, but it certainly is an interesting attempt at something huge by GungHo. A demo download date hasn’t been announced, but Famitsu will be including it in the September 22nd issue, which will be in stores just in time for the Tokyo Game Show.

PSP-exclusive Ragnarok: Princess of Dark and Light will be released in Japan on October 27th. If anyone is to bring this stateside, it’d likely be Atlus USA, XSeed, or NIS America, though no one has made any announcements at this time. Meanwhile, check out some screenshots here.