Resistance 3 Addresses Frame Rate and Lag in v1.03 Patch

Resistance 3 aimed for the sky and succeeded in doing so, but no game is perfect. But for that there are updates, and Insomniac Games has just released a notable update for their latest first-person shooter.

Despite an unexpected delay, Resistance 3 patch v1.03 is now live and ready to be downloaded. Several adjustments have been made in this latest update, the likes of which have been aimed toward fixing the most prevalent issues in the multiplayer component, including but not limited to:

  • Team Deathmatch score limit lowered to 5000
  • Frame rate issues fixed
  • Lag issues fixed

The frame rate and lag issues have been a major complaint for users who have played the online since Resistance 3‘s release just two weeks ago. However, the Team Deathmatch score limit change in this update has made matches extremely fast, with each player only obtaining 6-10 kills before the round ending. Thankfully, Insomniac Games are already planning to roll out v1.04 which will make matches a bit longer while still retaining a score limit to cap off games.

If you have a chance to try out this new update, let us know what you think in the comments below.