Score PS3’s Best Collections for Cheap at Amazon

September 29, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

If you’re planning on picking up the recently released ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, you may want to make your purchase through Amazon, especially if you’re in the market for another one of Sony’s collection packs.

If you head over to Amazon right now, you can purchase two of Sony’s collections for $60. So, if you do the math, you’ll be saving a total of $20 when all is said and done. The collections that qualify for this promotion include the God of War: Origins Collection, the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, the Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack and the Uncharted Greatest Hits Dual Pack.

This is a fantastic deal for anyone looking to get caught up on the Uncharted franchise before Uncharted 3: Drake Deception’s release in early November. Plus, with the recent release of Resistance 3, there’s never been a better time to pick up the Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack.

If you can’t decide which collections to purchase, we recommend buying them all.