Agent 47 Chambers a Round With 16 Minute Hitman Video

IO Interactive is hard at work on Agent 47’s next game, entitled Hitman: Absolution, and today have released a lengthy video of it in action.

The new video is actually that of the live demo shown earlier this year at E3. You may remember me drooling earlier this year as I described the demo play by play, but despite my best vocabulary it still can’t compare to watching it for yourself. This particular section sees Agent 47 in a library being flooded with cops, and he must try to make his way out undetected. As you watch, notice that, several minutes in, Agent 47 uses his new “instinct” ability, showing the paths patrolling enemies are walking along, and take note of how environmental objects can be used to dispatch those foes. It’s also just cool to hear how many conversations are occurring between the cops, and how natural they seem to be as Agent 47 progresses through the book lined rooms.


It still seems odd that Agent 47’s new instinct ability lets him hear the thoughts of the cops around him as he walks out of that stoner’s apartment, but it could a cool game mechanic at the same time. Anyone who’s scared by the direct approach taken when Agent 47 used that cop as a meat shield should relax too, as the team at IO Interactive recently stated this scenario was set up to show off new abilities and gameplay, and that stealth rewards will still exist for hardcore players. They’ve also stated how a “very, very interesting” online feature will be implemented, which is a first for the franchise, although no real details have been revealed yet. Consider my curiosity peaked, since Hitman: Absolution looks like it’s shaping up to be yet another stellar title in the series.