Mr Grimm Reaps His Rewards In New Twisted Metal Trailer

After some delays from its initial October 4th release date, gamers are finally seeing why Eat Sleep Play has taken the extra time to add that “polish, and love” to Twisted Metal. The latest trailer for the game shows off Mr Grimm and his killer arsenal and destructive rides.

It looks like this hell on two wheels is going to be packing his Flaming Saw and Reaper Rocket to cause some serious multiplayer carnage against Sweet Tooth, Dollface, and others. Even better is that it appears players will be able to crank the dial to 11 with “The Brothers Grimm” monster truck madness, which shows off the environmentally devastating madness that can ensue.

Gamers have been waiting a long time to see Twisted Metal make it’s PlayStation 3 debut and it seems like it’s going to be one wicked party to join. So, get ready to unleash some major havoc when Twisted Metal tears at your heart on its Valentine’s Day release.