Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hired the Aid of tri-Ace Studio

The next Final Fantasy adventure is nearly upon us and, even though Square Enix have a massive development team, they hired the aid of another company that you may be a fan of.

tri-Ace Lead Developer Yuichiro Kitao posted a Tweet which revealed his team’s involvement in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 project. The post states (roughly translated from Japanese):

Our staff is in the credits, as Final Fantasy XIII-2 has requested the help of tri-Ace. We had the privileged to contribute game design and art.

tri-Ace have been around for a long-time and, if you’ve played a game in the Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile series, you’re familiar with their work. They have a unique style which is almost immediately recognizable, and was shown in full-force with Resonance of Fate, one of the most unique RPGs available on the PS3. With their talent interwoven into Final Fantasy XIII-2, the legendary series might finally break out of its slump.

A new trailer was released for Final Fantasy XIII-2 only days ago, and reveals a lot about the game. Make sure to watch it while we await the game’s release date in late January.