Square Enix Releases New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer That Shows the Game’s Cast

Square Enix has released another trailer for their upcoming RPG, Final Fantasy XIII-2. The trailer focuses on the game’s characters, which includes a cast of existing characters from Final Fantasy XIII, as well as new characters.

First, the trailer introduces “The Rivals,” armor-clad Lightning and the dark and mysterious Caius, who wields a sword with an eye in it that slightly resembles Nightmare’s sword from Soul Calibur. The two clash in what appears to be a different realm with floating rock platforms and a pink energy in the sky above them. “The Heroes” — Serah and Noel — are next and shown in in-game combat. After “The Heroes” are “Returning Stars” Hope and Snow. Hope seems to be a bit older than he was in FFXIII, whereas Snow looks different simply because his hair seems to have grown quite wildly since the previous game.

A recent rumor had brought into question if Sazh Katzroy, who allegedly does not appear in the game, could be added via downloadable content.

To see the “Characters” trailer released today, click on the video below:

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and will release for both platforms on January 31, 2012.