Watch This Awesome Sniper Moment in Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3‘s vehicles and sandbox environments bring not only epic firefights, but awesome moments as well. As seen in a new video, the sky is the limit when it comes what you can do when you’re determined to show enemies that you’re the boss.

YouTube user oTheVoiceOfReason posted a video today which shows himself jumping out of a helicopter, sniping someone mid-air, then hopping back into the falling vehicle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end well for him or the random enemy casually running up a hill.


Chances are you’re going to pop Battlefield 3 in and try this little maneuver, but before you do so, be sure to warn your teammates before they scream at you for suiciding five times in a match. One word of advice: make sure you’re high enough so you can recover your helicopter before it smashes into the planet.