New Journey Trailer Reaffirms Spring Release, Shows Orchestral Score

In a post detailing the process of creating music for thatgamecompany’s upcoming title, Journey, a trailer has been released that shows a timeframe for the PSN game’s release.

Composer Austin Wintory made a post on the PS Blog detailing his thoughts on creating music for the game. He shares:

I set up camp in a mixing stage at Sony’s San Diego Studio with the Music team and Randall Lowe from the Santa Monica Studio, where we linked with the orchestra in real-time in Skopje. Meanwhile we were able to Skype together the core development team at thatgamecompany in Los Angeles, in addition to our producer Kellee Santiago who was in Virginia at the time, and producer Robin Hunicke and lead designer Jenova Chen, who were in Shanghai speaking at GDC China! This ended up being a wonderfully 21st century session: a spider web of interconnectedness spanning the globe! In addition to the orchestra, I also had the great pleasure of working with a handful of great soloists, including my dear friend and cello superstar Tina Guo. Their performances brought a vitality to the score that far surpasses the mere notes on the page.

Also, on the page is a trailer for the game that shows the orchestra playing music for the game in addition to various pieces of gameplay footage.o see the trailer, click on the video below:

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