New Army Corps Of Hell Trailer Shows Characters and Customization Details

As the King of Hell fighting the minions of darkness, you’ll need to know about the character types and customization at your disposal. Luckily, today’s new Army Corps of Hell trailer is dedicated to informing gamers about that very subject.

The trailer begins by showing the Soldier, Magi, and Spearmen units of the game and their attacks. Soldiers go flying at enemies (they also appear to have some kind of QTE-style inputs or specific button pressing in some instances), Magi attack with magic fireballs, and Spearmen leap at enemies to attack them with spears in massive quantities. Next, gameplay footage is shown of the King scavenging goods from the dead, followed by showing that he can forge nearly 100 different weapons and armor via a menu (which requires jewels). Players can also summon special abilities by using the rear touchpad. Finally, the trailer shows that the king’s mantle and headgear can be customized, with gameplay footage that shows the king in different gear in battle.

To view the “Characters and Customization” trailer, click on the video below:

Army Corps of Hell will be published by Square Enix and released for PlayStation Vita on the handheld’s launch day, February 22nd.