11 New Games, Casino, and More Coming To PlayStation Home Today

Sony has announced that a whole group of new games — in addition to other new content — is coming to PlayStation Home.

First, Digital Leisure will have a casino game space in PlayStation Home, which will allow gamers to play more casino-like games, such as Casino War, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Keno, Blackjack, slot machines, and a Big 6 wheel. The area also has a VIP area and complimentary hotel areas for VIPs. Rewards for PS Home can be won in the casino, such as outfits for your PS Home avatar and furniture for your PS Home space.

Sony then announced the Indie Park space’s opening, which includes bite-sized games from independent developers.

The games coming to PlayStation Home are:

  • Espionage 9 – Strategy game for 1-2 players that has players sending spies all over the globe to carry out missions and take out enemies.
  • Los Penguini Brothers – A game where players race penguins down slopes, jump to collect to bonus items and then try to land on static or moving platforms to unlock rewards.
  • Savage Cosmos – A top-down, run and gun shooter where players explore over 40 rooms/levels on an alien-infested spaceship. The game has 15 unlockable medals, leaderboards, and unspecified special rewards.
  • Gnome Curling – A game where players use garden gnomes in curling to compete for prizes.
  • Electrokid – An 8-bit, 2D, side-scrolling platformer with four levels and 21 unlockable collectibles (15 medals and 6 animated clothing rewards).
  • Give Or Take – A turn-based puzzle game in which players try to take over the other player’s home base.
  • Community favorites Echochrome, Ice Breaker, Checkers, and Chess return.
  • Novus Prime: Vindication – An expansion of Novus Prime that includes more missions, ships, weapons, avatar items, outfits, a raised level cap (30) and new rewards.

The PlayStation Home is also getting a new living space available for touring today: the Nebula Air Ship. The Air Ship can fly up to 30,000 feet above the world of PlayStation Home. It comes with a gifting machine and an exclusive golden chair for players who own three or more sections of the PlayStation Home mansion. The ship even has its own furniture, which will be sold separately.

The PlayStation Home Mall is also getting an update as well. The update has new additions to Mass Media’s Weird Wear line, animated glowing furniture, Konami’s Urban Camo items, new Drey clothing items from Lockwood, and more.

The PlayStation Home Community Theater also has a special that takes a look back at 2011 and memorable moments from E3 and San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Gamer Indepth.

Also, the PlayStation Home update schedule has been changed to Wednesdays.

Trailers for some of the content follows below:

Digital Leisure Casino:


Espionage 9:

Los Penguini Brothers:


Savage Cosmos:

Novus Prime: Vindication:

Nebula Air Ship:

Check out some promotional images and screenshots for some of the content in the Media Gallery below:

Will you be playing any of these PlayStation Home titles or getting some of the new content? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: PS Blog]