New Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Co-Op Trailer, First Vita Title To Use Unreal 3

A new trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who title from Supermassive Games has been released that shows the game’s co-op in action. Epic Games also had a significant announcement about the technology powering the game.

The trailer shows Doctor Who and his companion River Song in split-screen co-op gameplay. The two are seen running, engaging in some platforming action, avoiding enemies, and solving puzzles. One puzzle shows Doctor Who trying to fix a circuit on the Eternity Clock, another shows a missing piece of paper in a journal, another shows some kind of puzzle with two different areas to monitor, and one shows what appears to be a door-unlocking mini-game or puzzle of some kind. The trailer shows gameplay footage, cutscenes, and split-screen co-op action throughout before closing to show the March 2012 release timeframe.

Also, Epic Games has announced that Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is the first PS Vita title to use the popular engine Unreal Engine 3.

To view the co-op trailer, click on the video below:

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will be released for PS3 & Vita via PSN this March.

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