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PS4 Won’t Use Cell Processor, AMD a Likely Candidate

Last week, a rumor hit the web regarding Sony’s plan for the graphics chip in the PlayStation 4. It claimed that the next gen console wouldn’t in fact make use of Nvidia technology and instead use an AMD chipset. More reports continue to trickle out, this time in reference to the console’s processor.

According to industry sources reporting to Kotaku, Sony will not be using the cell processor, nor any future form of the technology in its new console. This is good news for developers, as developing for the Sony’s tricky hardware has been a bit of a chore for some. However a complete shift away from the cell may cause problems with backwards compatibility.

Ken Kutaragi was the biggest proponent of the tech, believing that it would be able to push the PlayStation 3 platform to new heights. However, it looks like Sony is admitting they made a mistake with the processor, as they seek out other options for the PS4. Considering recent rumors pointed to an AMD graphics card, there’s reason to believe that an AMD processor would be a logical choice for the company.

Sony has yet to comment on any of these reports, as the company still has yet to acknowledge that a next gen console is even in the works, so be sure to treat these reports as rumors.