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Hideo Kojima’s Current Project Deals With Issues That Are “Delicate” and “Taboo”

Hideo Kojima spoke very briefly about his next title and hinted at some of the issues his next game will be dealing with.

Shacknews reports that Kojima spoke at The Smithsonian to mark Metal Gear Solid‘s entry into “The Art of Video Games” exhibit. Kojima, through a translator, said the following:

The game I’m working on right now is dealing with quite a few issues that are pretty delicate and taboo. I’m not sure if they’ll end up being in the final product or not, but that’s something that I want to continue to strive for.

Kojima said that he wants to bring the unnamed real-life issues “to the forefront,” but said he wants to balance those with making the game to fun to play.

He also said that despite seeing flaws in his games after they’re finished, he always feels that his current project “is the best” but could not disclose details right now. He also said that he visited a San Diego military base to test a shooting simulator, but again said that he could not offer further details.

Whether or not this comment applies to the project he’s referencing above is unclear, but Andriasang had reported that Kojima also made the following comment via Twitter nearly two years ago:

The next project will challenge a certain type of taboo. If I mess up, I’ll probably have to leave the industry. However, I don’t want to pass by avoiding that. I turn 47 this year. It’s been 24 years since I started making games. Today, I got an ally who would happily support me in that risk. Although it’s just one person. For a start, it’s good.

Hideo Kojima has previously mentioned a Project Ogre, of which there are few details available. Also, Kojima Productions appears to be hiring for a new Metal Gear Solid title, but what project Kojima’s working on currently is unknown.

If there are any updates on Kojima’s current project, PSLS will keep you posted.