Rumor: South African Retailer Leaks Dead Space 3 & Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2

A South African retailer posted listings for two games, both of which are installments in EA franchises.

Eurogamer reports that South African retailer BTGames had posted listings for Dead Space 3 and Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2. The pages had virtually no details on them, with the exception of listing EA as the publisher. Both pages may have since had been edited, as descriptions no longer contain the names of the games and the publisher in the listings is now listed as 2K Games.

BTGames previously posted a listing for Jak & Daxter HD Collection before the compilation had officially been revealed.

Also, Eurogamer notes that Criterion was hiring staff for an open-world racer project last year.

EA has not made any official announcements about new installments of Dead Space or Need For Speed, but Dead Space 3 rumored sightings date back quite a few months.

If there are any updates, PSLS will keep you posted.

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