Ubisoft Releases Ghost Recon Alpha, The 25 Minute Film Prequel To Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ubisoft has released Ghost Recon Alpha, the 25-minute film prequel to Ghost Recon Future Soldier, on YouTube.

As announced before, Ghost Recon Alpha has a number of tie-ins with GRFS, including the events of the story (which take place prior to a major event in the game’s storyline) and the characters (who are the same four characters as the playable characters in the game). The film has a game tie-in in the form of a code that can be used in the Ghost Recon Network to unlock an exclusive weapon in GRFS, so future GRFS owners may want to look out for the code while watching the movie.

Warning: The following film has not been rated by the ESRB, so viewer discretion is advised.

To view the Ghost Recon Alpha film, click on the video below:

Ghost Recon Future Soldier will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 22nd, with a PC version release to follow on June 12th.

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