Kojipro and Platinum “Clash All the Time” During the Development of Rising

Just recently, Kojima Productions discussed the role that they currently have in the development of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, explaining that they oversee the story, while Platinum remains focused on game design.

However, it appears that the two studios don’t often always agree, as Kojipro’s Yuji Korekado admitted that they and Platinum butt heads all of the time.

“Platinum Games is a studio that’s very similar to Kojima Productions in that they have a very specific belief towards their game creating,” Korekado told EDGE, adding that, “they have things that they don’t want to change, that they really believe in. At Kojima Productions we have the same strong feelings toward creating a better game.”

As such, Korekado confessed that “but because we are similar, when there are things that we want changed, we clash all the time. We always clash. We have to discuss.”

Judging by all of the positive chatter currently surrounding this upcoming action title, it appears that their discussion and compromise has really paid off. Let’s just hope that all of this clashing doesn’t end up resulting in a further delay.