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The Best of Daily Reaction

December 26, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

We here at Daily Reaction are celebrating. Not because it’s that lovely period between Christmas and New Year’s Day, but because tomorrow will be our 100th episode. For our 99th edition, Seb and Dan look back at their favorite articles so far.

The Beginning

Seb: The very first Daily Reaction obviously has a special place in my heart as it marks the beginning of the whole thing. In it, we tried to take a realistic look at Ouya and how it probably won’t change everything, sadly something other publications generally failed to do as hype is far more exciting and profitable.

Dan: Looking back at how we launched Daily Reaction, it really did set the tone for how we would approach every article after so far. Instead of taking a glowing look at the potential of the Ouya, we took a step back and looked at the project without the hype and came at it with a realistic view.

Pulling apart the fans

Dan: In one the later Daily Reactions, we took a look beyond the industry to speak out about those who are actually responsible for guiding the industry, the fans. The analysis was something that could really have bothered readers, as we didn’t try to pull punches, and it was really a good way for readers to understand what Daily Reaction was all about.

Seb: Anything with Father Ted as an image is a winner in my book, but yeah I’m glad that we had a chance to talk about the failings of everyone ever in that article, from fans to developers to games journalists.

Games Journalists are Con-men:

Seb: Games journalism is flawed and full of people trying to trick you into clicking a link even though the article is rubbish. With that DR we talked about top 10s and flamebait posts, but we’ve also talked about IGN, print media and evil websites.

Dan: To me this article wasn’t just about the shortcomings of games journalism, but the problems with human nature, and our inability to value credibility. Everyone seems to want to talk about integrity, but when it comes to the outlets that actually receive the highest traffic, it is usually those with the biggest used-car salesman’s smile. Given the amount of traffic that article received due to the title alone, it was a true testament to the very nature of the piece, and only inspired us to continue calling things the way we saw them.

The Price We Pay

Dan: This was one of those articles that I wish we could have written a book on. The fundamental issue was something that really should be a bigger topic for news outlets around the world, and was something that most of us do not pay attention to. As people continually complain about the price of consumer goods, especially within the games industry, most of us to not understand the real price paid for cheaper products, and the toll it takes on people from other countries.

Seb: It’s definitely a sad topic, and a sad article. Companies are moving away from using ‘blood minerals’, but that’s only because of public pressure. It’s vital that the press and the people condemn those who excessively exploit people to cut costs on entertainment products.

What the…?

Seb: At the absolute opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve done quite a few Daily Randoms that are just… well, random. Through them we can let our hair down a bit and go crazy, so it’s always fun to see the confusion in the comments.

Dan: Yeah, the Daily Randoms were a great way to add a bit of variety to our normal schedule, and was actually a concept spun off our first project together, PowerON. That’s where the 2012 Gaming Yearbook concept spawned from, and has since been one of my favorite little side projects to add some art to the site.

Things go from Bad to Worse

Dan: As things really started to roll with Daily Reaction, and we started getting requests to do a podcast, so Seb and I made the worst decision of our lives, and went on verbal record. Now, not only were our horrible senses of humor forever posted on the internet, my love life (or lack of) has been aired to thousands, but is also my drinking habits are on record for all future employers.

Seb: Like you’re going to have any future employers… Yeah, Bad Gamers was a terrible idea, mainly because it forced people to listen to you when they wanted to listen to me. That’s why my favorite BG has to be the one that only had me in it. After that, I still love our second show with all the awesome gaming chatup lines that I still have to try out. (Dan: Like you ever talk to girls).


Seb: While that one BG was a one man show, we’ve done a DR that was special in a different way – it was a threesome. We brought on Youness ‘KaKaRoTo’ Alaoui to give his view on hacking, as the person behind the PS3’s first modified firmware. That way we could present the full picture, and not just our own potentially biased views. Hopefully in 2013 we’ll have a bunch more guest speakers.

Dan: The ability to discuss the PS3 hack with KaKaRoTo was a unique experience in multiple ways, as it was the first time we had a threeway, and was one of the few times you get the opportunity to talk about a subject that will go down in history with someone who had firsthand experience. Youness was an insightful person to talk with, and was very understanding of the difficult questions and situations the conversation took, which made for one of the better interviews I have seen for quite a while.

Who Shot First?

Dan: One of the few Daily Reactions that seems to be continually brought up between us was the Star Wars Ep 7 piece that we did a few months back. It was not because the article was so profound that we were proud of it, but it was the amount of hidden gems that we embedded in it that really set it alive. Yet, after it was published, not a single person seemed to had caught any of the Easter eggs, and from that day on has been a running joke behind the scenes.

Seb: Haha, the response to the hidden messages made me laugh as much as if I’d seen an Ewok shoved through a meatgrinder made out of lightsabers. Don’t we have any Star Wars fans as readers?

Bringing Sexy Back

Seb: What we do have is readers that are willing to degrade themselves for minor prizes. Such as all the people who sent us pictures of themselves topless to win some Borderlands swag, including Chandler Wood… who has gone on to write for us. And he certainly gave us wood…

Dan: Luckily to get a “job” from Seb, all Chandler had to do was lose his shirt, I on the other hand was not as lucky. Although, one of the more interesting things that happened because of the giveaway was the debate we had about giving the prize to a female reader who sent in a few topless pics to enter, yet Seb was not impressed and instead obviously went in a hairier direction.

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