God of War: Ascension Singleplayer Trailer Released, Is “Barely Scratching the Surface” of What’s in the Game, Will Air on TV, “Plenty More” to Come

After all that hoo-hah about multiplayer, what you’ve all really been looking forward to is finally here – the God of War: Ascension singleplayer trailer.

The vid is only 30 secs long but, apart from the clearly stylized intro, it’s all in-game footage:

Sony Santa Monica’s Community Manager revealed on NeoGAF that trailer is “barely…barely scratching the surface”, continuing “I’ll just say…. You know what we do. we do God of War, it can only be EPIC…there can be, only chaos!”

He then revealed that the teaser trailer will also be their first TV commercial, and this is when it’ll originally run in the US:

Original First Run TV Commercial Highlights:

1/20 – FOX UFC Road to Octagon

1/25 – ESPN NBA Friday Night Spurs vs Mavs

1/25 – FOX UFC on Fox Live Fight

1/27 – ESPN NBA Sunday Hawks vs Knicks

1/27 – FOX American Dad

1/30 – ESPN NBA Wed  Heat vs Nets

1/30 – ESPN NBA Lakers vs Suns

1/31 – FX Archer

2/1 – ESPN NBA Friday Heat vs Pacers

2/1 – ESPN NBA Lakers vs Timberwolves

2/3 – Family Guy

They also confirmed on Twitter that Kratos does indeed look different.

If you don’t think you’ve seen enough, don’t worry, as Sony Santa Monica revealed: “We’ve got plenty more, so let this whet your appetites and start counting down the days to March 12.” You might also want to reply to this tweet:

If you could ask Kratos ANY question about #GodofWar Ascension SP or MP, what would it be? He will select his favs for a special video

What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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