Daily Reaction Giveaway: Win $20 on PSN by Using Your Mind

It’s been almost a month since Daily Reactio’s last giveaway, so Seb and Dan have rummaged around in their sacks to give you something special – anything you have ever wanted (as long as it’s on the PS Store and costs $20 or less).

Seb: That’s right! $20 on PSN to whoever can make Daily Reaction better by giving us topics you’d like to see discussed on a future show. Simply email DailyReaction@PlayStationLifeStyle.net with sexy ideas from that brain box you have precariously perched on your neck.

Topless pictures may, or may not, help you win (they will). Flattery certainly works. Oh, and homeless Dan jokes.

Dan: Make sure to send us realistic ideas for topics for an upcoming DR, but we will also accept ideas for the occasional feature like Daily Random. Just make sure that your entry is still within the realm of reality, and not only will you get an email from me (because Seb is too British), but you also could see your ideas brought into reality here on PSLS.

We’re always accepting idea emails, but be sure to get yours in soon if you want to win the virtual gold. Anyway, we’re going to be getting back to The Secret Project (Project Bit-off-more-than-we-can-chew), so be sure to guess what it is in the comments below, or follow Seb and Dan on Twitter for hints.