‘Thief 4’ is Officially Titled Thief, Coming to PlayStation 4 in 2014

Game Informer’s April 2013 cover has been revealed, showing off the Eidos Montreal reboot of the the Thief franchise, simply called Thief. Skipping the PlayStation 3, Thief is going to arrive on PlayStation 4 (as well as PC and other next-gen platforms) at some point in 2014.

More information for the game is expected to arrive throughout the month, but we can tell you that it stars Garrett who returns to the City, to steal any valuables he may find. Gameplay takes place in first-person perspective, where you’ll be choosing your own path throughout the game’s various levels.

Though it doesn’t show any actual footage, this trailer has Eidos Montreal talking about Thief:

[springboard type=”video” id=”678955″ player=”play020″ width=”555″ height=”335″ ]

Are you excited to play some Thief next year? Let us know in the comments below, and stick to PSLS for more PS4 news.

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