God of War 3 & God of War: Ascension “Could be Done” on the PS4, Says Sony Santa Monica

Now that God of War: Ascension is shipped and on store shelves, with only the task of DLC and multiplayer upkeep keeping them on the game, Sony Santa Monica is looking ahead to the PlayStation 4 and what they can do with it.

In a piece by Eurogamer, Ben Diamand, Graphics Engineer at Sony Santa Monica, talked about what he thinks of the PlayStation 4:

It’s definitely got its share of interesting challenges – filling up that much memory from disk takes some time. From a technical standpoint, the DDR5 part is perhaps more interesting to me. But the 8GB part makes me pretty happy, too, since I think it makes a powerful PR statement.

As for something that is definitely an interesting question, they were asked about how difficult it might be to bring God of War 3 and God of War: Ascension onto the PlayStation 4, given how they spent so much time taking advantage of the PlayStation 3, with Diamand giving the first answer:

Our approach is not really ‘to the metal’. It never really has been, and people are surprised every time we say this. Yes, we optimise, sometimes a lot, but we try to be smart about when and where. As for God of War and PS4, I couldn’t possibly comment on anything ‘future’…

Going in to a little bit more detail about this was Cedric Perthuis, also a Graphics Engineer at Sony Santa Monica:

It could be done. The PS4 hardware is such a big leap forward in terms of graphics power compared to the PS3 that we probably wouldn’t need to go that far. Most if not all of the SPU techniques we developed and used on PS3 were there to reduce the RSX workload. With the PS4 GPU we probably wouldn’t need those techniques.

The chances of Sony Santa Monica actually doing upgraded ports of God of War 3 and God of War: Ascension on the PlayStation 4 are pretty slim, but you never know – the PS3 has, after all, received numerous PS2 games, both upscaled and simple ports.

Would you like to see God of War 3 or Ascension brought onto the PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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