Sony Santa Monica: No Plans for God of War: Ascension Single Player DLC, Due to “Where the Story Ends”

Now that the PlayStation Store has updated in North America, you can get your hands on a bunch of new DLC that includes some new weapons and a free piece of armor. To see them, as well as the upcoming maps, in action, check out this video:

Looking ahead to that future of God of War: Ascension DLC, Aaron Kaufman, Community Strategist at Sony Santa Monica, revealed that the two maps you saw within that trailer “are trending for release by end of this month.” Aaron also reiterated that both of the maps will be free, while mentioning they have “a LARGE map that is further out” and is set to be shown next month.

Addressing the chances of single player DLC for Ascension, he said “as much as we’d love to explore single-player DLC, we do not have any plans at this stage that would make sense for the single-player campaign and where the story ends.” “It’s not for lack of desire on our part, but we are committed to evolving our Multiplayer mode.”

While this news essentially means that we won’t be getting any new scenarios to watch Kratos kill a bunch of enemies, you can expect single player patches “for critical issues.”

If you could make some single player DLC for God of War: Ascension, what would you do? Let us know in the comments below.