The Last of Us Multiplayer News Coming “Hopefully Next Week, But It’s Not 100% Confirmed”

We honestly aren’t trying to be the bearer of The Last of Us bad news today (it started with the demo troubles that have now been resolved), but if you were eagerly anticipating some information about the multiplayer today, you’ll be disappointed.

Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager, let it be known that the details for The Last of Us multiplayer are coming “hopefully next week, but it’s not 100% confirmed at present” and he “can’t give you an exact date right now.” Unfortunately, this means that Naughty Dog was incorrect when they said back on Tuesday that we’d “be hearing about our multiplayer over the next couple of days.”

Even though a date might not be nailed down, we can make an educated guess that we’ll definitely be seeing it sometime next week, because otherwise it would be lost in all the E3 news that will dominate the world come June 10th.

In other TLOU news, Fred said that we should also find out about EU PSN preorders of the game early next week.

You can also expect Anthony’s review of The Last of Us next week, where he’ll let you know how Naughty Dog’s latest game turned out.

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