Mark Cerny Saw the PS4 Console Itself for the First Time on Monday at the Sony Press Conference

Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 4’s Lead Architect and Developer on Knack, apparently hadn’t seen the PlayStation 4 console itself until the worldwide reveal back on Monday because he “wanted to wait and see it when the rest of the world did,” saying “it’s beautiful.” This news comes from the EU PS Twitter, who had been playing through Knack, while also chatting with Mark Cerny.

Re-iterating that the PS4 saved precious development time, Cerny also said, “With Knack I wanted to make sure there was a game for the family too. But there is a lot in this game for the hardcore gamer too. He then continued by saying, “The idea was that we’d make a character that could pick things up and add them to the character. But that’s not easy to do!”

Do you think it’s a little strange that the Lead Architect didn’t see the completed system until we did? Let us know in the comments below.

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