Ask PSLS: What Was Your Biggest Disappointment at E3 2013?

And we’re back yet again with another E3-focused Ask PSLS today, this time asking the staff: What Was Your Biggest Disappointment at E3 2013?

Anthony Severino – Order in the Court (@Sev_Anthony)

The Order: 1886. I was pumped when I saw the knight in the chain mail armor, but then he pulls out a gun and starts shooting aliens. Not sure where they’re trying to go with this game, but it doesn’t seemed focused enough. Trying to wear too many hats makes for some fucked up hat hair, and that’s not appealing on the final product. Also, it’s still in pre-production and was the only game announced by Sony.

Cameron Teague – Greatness Lags (@Cameron_PSLS)

The overall lack of greatness at E3. There were a lot of quality games or really cool looking games on the show room floor, but it really lacked those killer games that you just had to make time to play. It was a major letdown after the sugar high we all received courtesy of Sony at their press conference. Oh and swag, it was nonexistent this year.

Chandler Wood – His Morning Wood is Getting Shorter (@FinchStrife)

Aside from being forced to remember that I have a day job after the week is all over? The biggest disappointment for me was Konami. First was pairing Metal Gear Solid V with the Microsoft conference, as I have heard Xbox fans try to tell me it’s a Microsoft exclusive. Next was their lack of really showing anything on the show floor.

Their appointment only “press tour” consisted of being told about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, and PES by a PR rep who was simply reading bullet points off of a note card, and then being corralled into a line full of other press to play the same Castlevania demo that the general attendees could play. Disappointing and a pretty big waste of time. The beer they offered was good though.

Dan Oravasaari – Same Answer as Yesterday (@FoolsJoker)

My favorite announcement was actually the same one as my biggest disappointment. At the end of the day on Thursday, I heard the words that both lifted my heart and crushed it – “E3 is over”. The end of the line for the biggest gaming event of the year meant that I could finally stop sleeping on the floor under an air conditioner, but also meant I had to leave the magic that was E3 and the new friends I had made over the week. P.S. Next year I will bring a blanket.

Jason Dunning – Systematic (@Jasonad21)

The PS4 might have a good slate of titles scheduled to hit the system, but aside from inFamous: Second Son, there isn’t anything I see as a ‘must-have’, and E3 didn’t do anything to change that. Of course, the lack of Vita attention is a disappointment, I was just more disappointed by the lack of PS4 titles that had me throwing money at my computer screen.

Louis Edwards – Persona (@ftwrthtx)

Not being there in person. Maybe next year.

Sebastian Moss – Kaz-less (@SebMoss)

No Kaz, no Vita, one AAA PS4 reveal, Xbox One, Nintendo, me not being there, Dan being there. Take your pick.

What was your biggest disappointment at E3 2013? Let us know in the comments below.