Rockstar Talks Grand Theft Auto V Car & Weapon Customization, Shooting Enhancements, Cover

With the Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video making its very impressive debut this morning, a lot of information about the game was revealed, including lots of customization and stat tracking, as well as improved shooting mechanics. Learning more information about GTA V was Game Informer, who talked to Imran Sarwar, Producer and Lead Mission Designer, and Phil Hooker, Associate Technical Director and Combat Designer.

We’ve placed all the information in bullet point for you below:

  • ‘Ammu-nation’ returns, now with customizable weapons.
  • Modifications include extended clips, grips to improve accuracy, tints, flashlights, scope, and suppressors. The latter gives you the opportunity to play in a more stealthy manner.
  • Car customization is “definitely” a nod to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but they have taken it “a lot further” than they did in San Andreas.
  • Certain missions will ask you to customize your vehicle in certain ways.
  • Pay & Spray has been replaced by LS Customs, which are located throughout the game world, and can customize your car or bike.
  • Cosmetic customization for vehicles includes body kits, paint jobs/finishes, wheels, exhaust tips, window tints, tire smoke color, bull-bars, extra light, and other accessories.
  • Gameplay customization that affects gameplay and performance include brakes, engine tuning, suspension, horns, bulletproof tires, panel armor, and general repair.
  • In total, you can expect over 1,000 modifications, with the ability to take a picture of your vehicle with the cell phone and upload it to the Social Club present.
  • When it comes to shooting, Rockstar put “a massive amount of work” into overhauling the animation systems, targeting, and camerawork.
  • “In addition to traditional left trigger “down the sights” aiming, you can also both run and shoot comfortably while only using the right trigger.”
  • “The locomotion system adjusts automatically between strafing with your weapon up and the more traditional style of locomotion when you are not actively firing.”
  • The extra layer Rockstar added to the locomotion system is that, if you fire your weapon or get into a fight, the character’s bearing changes and the default speed goes from casual walk to combat job. When not in trouble, the character then goes back to casual.
  • Each character’s personality will be shown in how they move and handle weapons – Trevor’s aggressiveness, Franklin’s swagger, Michael’s efficiency.
  • The gunplay is described as an evolution through the influences of Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne 3, with “the main push” for GTA V being that they wanted “everything as dynamic and fluid as possible.”
  • Hard lock targeting for the guns is “gone altogether” because they “found it too disorientating and often broke immersion with the game, as you didn’t have to think about enemy locations.”
  • There’s three distinct modes of targeting in Grand Theft Auto V: assisted aiming, traditional GTA, and free aim.
  • Assisted Aiming: Larger targeting area and a little more help when analyzing targets.
  • Traditional GTA: “Shares all the characteristics of assisted aiming, with the additional ability to flick left and right between targets using the right stick.”
  • An assist for free aim in both modes includes help with reticule speeds near targets and smoothing out camera movement to prevent disorientation when quickly switching between targets in a firefight.
  • So you have to be more tactical, every mode has a timer that breaks lock.
  • You can “smoothly” run out of a car while firing your gun, while also using the car as cover without exposing yourself.
  • While using the car for cover, you can quickly re-enter it.

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