Yoga, Spirituality and Healthy Living Streaming Service ‘Gaiam TV’ Coming to PlayStation This Year

While consoles are clearly gaming devices first and foremost, they are increasingly becoming multimedia hubs for watching TV shows, movies and, soon, yoga.

PSLS has exclusively uncovered that Gaiam TV will be coming to PlayStation later this year. Lynn Powers, Gaiam’s CEO, said in an earnings call (transcribed by SeekingAlpha):

Our platform expansion continues with Gaiam TV in Q2. We launched the Sony Smart TV app including support for the 2013 Sony Blu-Ray players. We also recently completed development of apps for Sony PlayStation as well as Smart TVs from LG, Panasonic and Samsung. All of which we expect to be launched this year. As consumers are enjoying more video content online and never before and the tremendous innovations and technology are expanding the options for how, when and where customers enjoy content.

Powers never clarified which PlayStation platform, but PS3 is the most likely destination, and PS4/Vita apps are always a possibility.

Gaiam TV is a streaming service with “over 5,000 films and documentaries dedicated to yoga, fitness, conscious media, personal growth and spirituality”, including a show by George Noory which features topics such as psychic vampires.

Unfortunately, Gaiam TV currently costs $9.95 a month, after a 10 day free trial, so you’ll have to pay up if you want to unlock your inner innards.

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