Ask PSLS: Will You be Buying the PlayStation Vita 2000?

September 12, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


We had a couple of new products directly related to the PlayStation Vita announced on Monday, so our first of two Ask PSLS’ this week asks: Will you be buying the PlayStation Vita 2000?

Anthony Severino – I’m With You (@Sev_Anthony)

That LCD screen is a downgrade in my eyes. I’m sticking with my original Vita for the OLED. Slimmer and lighter means little to me, and can even make my hands cramp. I do like the colors, though. On board storage is useless as I own a 32GB card. Original Vita all the way.

Cameron Teague – To the Pint (@Cameron_PSLS)


Chandler Wood – Whipped (@FinchStrife)

I am content with my current Vita, and the changes introduced are not radical enough for me to put down another $200 towards replacing what already works just fine. My wife wants a Vita on the other hand, so we might consider picking up the yellow one for her, and then I’ll end up really jealous (maybe) that she has the “updated” one.

Dan Oravasaari – Y2K (@FoolsJoker)

No, I will not be picking up the PSV2k, simply because I already have a Vita and don’t feel the need to ‘upgrade.’

Heath Hindman – Slim (@RPGLand)

I’ll have to see the Slim Vita in action first. Check PSLS next weekend to see if I can get my hands on one at the Tokyo Game Show.

I have reservations about abandoning that nice OLED screen, so it’ll come down to how the games look on the new machine’s LCD screen. I do love the idea of a bright yellow Vita in my hands, though.

Jason Dunning – Defiant (@Jasonad21)

As a current PlayStation Vita owner, I don’t think I’ll be spending the extra $200 just to get a redesigned system that doesn’t have an OLED screen. If I were looking to buy a Vita for the first time though, the 2000 and its lighter, thinner form and 1GB of memory would definitely entice me, but I’d still probably pick the 1000. Can’t beat OLED.

Joseph Fait – Washed (@AcesHigh291)

After seeing pictures of the LCD screen on the Vita 2000, no way in hell I’d buy one. It looks horribly washed out (in comparison to the OLED screen) and seems to have a distinct yellow tint. Again, no thanks.

Louis Edwards – Costly (@ftwrthtx)

I’m more than happy with my current Vita with its beautiful OLED screen and have no desire to buy another one. I understand that with an LCD Sony can sell the new version cheaper, but that comes at a cost to gamers. You can’t get the same level of graphics with an LCD that the current model achieves with an OLED.

Sebastian Moss – Guys & Dolls (@SebMoss)

I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys. I can’t wait to bin my Vita and get a worse screen. That way PS4 games will look even better.

Will you be buying the PlayStation Vita 2000? Let us know in the comments below.