Full PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 4.50 Notes: PlayStation Network Renamed ‘PSN’, 200MB of Space Required, More

The 4.50 PS3 firmware update is now available for download, with the majority of patch notes posted here yesterday, but if you want the full patch notes, we’ve placed them below:

Main Features

You can now set the group of players who can see your trophies under [PSN] > [Account Management] > [Privacy Settings]. To change this setting, select [Show Trophies]:

  • Anyone (Any player can see your trophies)
  • Friends of Friends (Your Friends and their Friends can see your trophies)
  • Friends Online (Your Friends can see your trophies)
  • No One (No one can see your trophies)

You can adjust for each game whether to show the trophies you earned. Go to [PSN] > [Trophy Collection] to select a game, press the Triangle button, and then select [Privacy Settings] from the options menu. To hide trophy information for a specific game, remove the checkmark from [Show Trophies for This Game] for that game.

The PS3 system can now perform the following operations when you set [Settings] > [System Settings] > [Automatic Update] to [On], even if you do not subscribe to PlayStation Plus. When this setting is [On], the PS3 system will automatically start each day at the specified time, perform these operations, and then turn off:

  • Download content items purchased with other devices
  • Download the latest system software

Other Features

  • [Closed Captions Settings] has been added under [Settings] > [Video Settings]. Set [Display Closed Captions as Specified by Content] to [Off] to adjust advanced settings for the display method.
  • “PlayStationNetwork” has been renamed “PSN”.

It’s important to note that you will need 200MB of free space before downloading the update.

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