Shuhei Yoshida Reveals What Happens When You Pause a PS4 Game Download as You’re Playing It

One of the fun new features with the PlayStation 4 is Play as you Download, which allows you to begin playing a digital PS4 game almost immediately after you begin the download. Though this seemed pretty obvious, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed on Twitter exactly what would happen if you paused the download of a PS4 game you’re playing by saying, “Game would say you cannot play further.”

Of course, Shuhei Yoshida wasn’t finished on Twitter, with a few more pieces of interesting information revealed by the Sony Worldwide Studios boss:

  • Shuhei says the Pulse Elite Gaming headset “eventually will” work with the PlayStation 4.
  • When someone asked if we could see other demos for the PlayStation Camera that aren’t The PlayRoom, Shuhei replied, “You have not seen all of PlayRoom.”
  • You can choose in the setup” if you want the full game audio played through the jack on the DualShock 4 with headphones.
  • Yesterday, we told you of a tweet from Shuhei that sounded like he didn’t enjoy Beyond: Two Souls. When asked if he thought it was a failure, Shuhei simply responded with, “No, I did not :).
  • Nasne will eventually work with the PS4, “timing TBD.”

What other types of mini-games do you think will come with The PlayRoom on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.