Sony “Actively Looking to Minimize” Putting a Game on Sale, Then Giving it Away for Free on PlayStation Plus Weeks Later

If you read our PlayStation Plus Ask PSLS for September 2013, you’ll know that I was none too pleased about the fact that Rayman Origins on PS Vita had been discounted quite heavily for PS+ members, just weeks before going free in the Instant Game Collection. I wasn’t the only one angered by this, and the skepticism around buying discounted games on the PSN for them only to be free shortly after has lingered.

With Remember Me going free in Europe next week, and part of an amazing sale now happening in North America, someone on the US PS Blog voiced their hopes that it wouldn’t go free shortly after, to which Morgan Haro, Community Manager of PlayStation Digital Platforms, replied:

We’re actively looking to minimize occurrences like putting games on sale then putting them free in Plus in a few weeks. So we’re definitely aware of the feedback from the community on these instances.

Then, someone asked if Sony had ever thought of putting a PS+ discount on a game before putting it in the IGC, with Morgan saying:

Much of the community wouldn’t really like to see us discount a game and then put it in the IGC, so we’re trying to stay away from that as much as possible.

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