Beyond: Two Souls Trophy Guide

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s trophy guide for Beyond: Two Souls! The trophies in this game function a little different than most games, but if you’ve played Heavy Rain, you already know what to expect with how the trophies pop. Completing a trophy during a chapter will not cause it to unlock immediately, you will need to wait until the end to see if you completed the task correctly. After you complete the game most of the trophies can be earned via chapter select, however, a few trophies will require you to play across multiple chapters. For those trophies, you cannot finish a required chapter and then skip all the way to the next required chapter, all of the chapters in-between must be played also.

Spoiler Warning: Just about every trophy on this list is a spoiler. Until you have completed the game it’s recommended that you do not read any further if you are avoiding spoilers. 


– Collected all trophies!

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Somebody Else? – Bronze

– Played as Aiden for the first time.

You will get this trophy almost immediately. Press Triangle to take control of Aiden.

Obedience – Bronze

– Stopped the experiment voluntarily.

This trophy is earned in the chapter ‘The Experiment’. After you pick the right cards and move something in the other room, you will have the option to start throwing and breaking everything in the other room. Press Triangle to stop using Aiden and then press X to end the experiment voluntarily.

Teammates – Bronze

– Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden.

This trophy is earned in the chapter ‘My Imaginary Friend’. All 3 can be done in the kitchen.

  1. Walk up to the refrigerator and hold X to ask for a cookie. When Jodie’s mom says no, take control of Aiden to open the jar and take a cookie.
  2. Use Aiden to pick up the kitchen table chairs and stack them on the table.
  3. Use Aiden to switch on the radio that’s on the counter by the back door.

Entities  Apprentice – Bronze

– Vanquished the entities with Aiden.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘First Night’. When Jodie is attacked After going to bed you have to defeat all of the entities that appear, and protect Jodie until Nathan and Cole come into the room.

Sorry – Bronze

– Forgave Jodies’s father.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Alone’. As Jodie’s parents are saying good-bye, you will have the option to choke Jodie’s father with Aiden, don’t do anything and let him leave.

Not My Father – Bronze

– Choked Philip with Aiden.

This is the exact opposite of the trophy Sorry. When given the opportunity, choke Jodie’s dad (Philip) with Aiden.

Revenge – Bronze

– Taught 3 or more of the teens a lesson, or started the house fire with Aiden.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘The Party’. After opening the gifts, the kids will take Jodie and lock her in a closet. You will be given a prompt, select ‘Revenge’. You can throw things at the teens, knock them unconscious or set the house on fire – to set the house on fire you have to knock candles (on a shelf near the table with gifts) into the curtains by the glass door.

Cold Blood – Bronze

– Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden.

This trophy is also earned during the chapter ‘The Party’. After you dance, the kids will ask Jodie to show off her powers, agree to do it but don’t do anything with Aiden.

When you get out of the locked closet select the option ‘Leave’.

Together Forever – Bronze

– Protected Jodie from her attackers.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Like Other Girls’. First you will need to take control of Aiden and break things in Jodie’s bedroom after she is told she cannot go out. Breaking enough objects will give you the option to possess Cole, who can trick the guard near the exit but make sure he is not touched.

Once in the bar, interact with either the arcade machine or the pool table. Jodie will be approached by the men at the bar and after several conversation prompts they will attack Jodie. Fight off the men with Aiden and eventually they will try to escape – don’t let them.

Portal Shutdown – Bronze

– Successfully shut down the condenser portal.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘The Condenser’. As you are making your way through the lab you cannot fail any of the Quick Time Events, because if you fail, Jodie will leave the lab and the military will attack the building. You will need to find the security clearance card on the body propped up against a wall in the back of room, just before the frozen hallway. After finding the card successfully, fight off the attacking scientists and entities in the next room as Aiden, then flip the  switch on the main console overlooking the portal.

Channeling Master – Bronze

– Channeled all dead bodies in the condenser compound.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘The Condenser’. There are 8 dead bodies that must be channeled.

  1. In the elevator.
  2. After opening the door (just after getting out of the elevator) with Aiden there will be a body on a table.
  3. Right after the last body in the room that resembles a server room.
  4. Right in front of you after jumping out of the air vent.
  5. Right next to a vending machine in the hallway after you come out of the burning office. You will smash through glass to get into the hallway.
  6. Same room as the last body. It will be a fireman.
  7. After you get past the entity controlled scientist there will be a dead soldier that needs to be channeled.
  8. In the Condenser control room after the frozen hallway.

Perfect Soldier – Bronze

– Completed most of the physical training successfully.

This is earned during the chapter ‘Welcome to the CIA’. There will be multiple training sequences during this chapter, and you need to complete each with as little mistakes as possible.

Fight Apprentice – Bronze

– Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Welcome to the CIA’. There will be a few fight scenes during this chapter with the trainer, just push R3 in the direction that Jodie is punching, kicking, or blocking to successfully get passed this.

Stealth Apprentice – Bronze

– Completed all stealth training without being spotted.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Welcome to the CIA’. The very last training exercise will require to get to the flag without being caught. To do this, stay in cover and only move to the next cover when the guards have their backs to you. You can knock out the guards by getting close and pressing Square or using Aiden to incapacitate them, but If the instructor yells at you during the course that means you failed.

Clean Job – Bronze

– Shut down the monitor and finished the mission using only Aiden.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘The Embassy’. Go straight into the  bathroom and go into the last stall. Using Aiden, go up stairs and into the security room, distract the guard and then pause the monitor to the right. Next, go into the room with the safe and copy the paper work to finish the chapter.

Possessive Spy – Bronze

– Finished the mission using only the Sheik.

This is earned in the chapter ‘The Embassy’. Once inside the last stall of the bathroom, use Aiden to go back out into the main room where everyone is and find the Sheik – he will be the only character in the room that can be possessed. Take control of him, walk straight up into the room(careful not bump into anyone) with the papers and hit the button on the desk to open the safe, then read and copy all of the papers in the safe.

Perfect Lover – Bronze

– Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress and put on some music.

This trophy is earned during  the chapter ‘The Dinner’. All of these things can be done in any order just as long as they are done before Ryan shows up, so make sure to do things as quickly as possible.

  1. Turn on music. The radio is to the left of the the TV in the living room.
  2. Clean up the apartment.
  3. Cook a meal. This is started by using the cook book on the counter in the kitchen.
  4. Shower
  5. Put on the elegant dress.

Casual Girl – Bronze

– Ordered a pizza, watched some TV and wore something casual.

This is earned in the chapter ‘The Dinner’. You can order a pizza by going to the last page of the cookbook on the counter, where you will find the phone number to order pizza. After you select pizza, go to the phone and order it. Next, go put on the casual outfit from the closet then just go sit down on the couch and watch TV.

In Love with Ryan – Bronze

– Slept with Ryan.

This trophy will require playing through multiple chapters. It will start with the chapter ‘Like Other Girls’. You will need to play straight through until the chapter ‘The Dinner’.

You will have to let Jodie get caught trying to go out – To do this you will need to select ‘Fresh Air’ at the security station before exiting the building. Next, set the controller down and let the guard come around the desk and tap Cole, snapping him out of possession. The other possible way to do this, is to simply leave the bar before getting attacked, so the story can progress as it needs to.

During the chapter ‘The Dinner’, you can do the requirements for Perfect Lover or Casual Girl to end up sleeping with Ryan. Make sure to not do anything as Aiden when given the opportunity or that will prevent you from earning this trophy.

Stealth Master – Bronze

– Made it to the cathedral without being spotted.

This is earned during the chapter ‘The Mission’. The point you need to make it to without being detected is where Jodie heals the child. The way to do this is to stay in cover and only move when guards have their backs to you and use Aiden to explore the path ahead to make sure it’s clear before preceding. When a guard gets close press Square to knock them out, use Aiden to incapacitate or distract them. If an enemy runs up to you and a fight QTE begins, that means you have been spotted and you have failed.

Catch Me if You Can – Bronze

– Escaped the train without being arrested.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Hunted’. When the train stops, wake up Jodie with Aiden and a chase scene will begin. After being chased, use Aiden to open a window to your left and Jodie will climb up on top of the train. Fight off the cops until Jodie jumps off of the train and if you didn’t fail any of the QTE, you should see the trophy pop after the mission ends.

Aiden’s Apocalypse – Bronze

– Destroyed the gas station, the church, the gun store ans the helicopter.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Hunted’. During the scene after going through the police roadblock, you will need to use Aiden to do all of the following:

  1. Gas Station – There will be 2 gas pumps that you can loosen. After they are both on the ground, possess the nearest SWAT officer and shoot the spilled gas.
  2. Church – This is on the opposite side of the town as the Gas Station. Go up to the Church tower and smash it twice to bring it down.
  3. Gun Store –  A gun store called, Hunting Cabin will be directly across the street from the church. You will have to poses the SWAT officer in the driver seat and force him to drive the truck into the store.
  4. Helicopter – A helicopter will come after you help Jodie get into the building. Use Aiden to go back outside to possess the pilot and crash the helicopter.

Houdini – Bronze

– Got arrested three times and escaped each time.

This is earned during the chapter ‘Hunted’.

  1. After the police enter the train, set the controller down and allow the cops to catch you.
  2. During the chase scene in the woods, after you cross the river, set the controller down and do not fight off the dogs.
  3. After you get on the motorcycle and drive away, stop and wait for the cops to catch up with you.

Money to Eat – Bronze

– Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner.

This is earned during  the chapter ‘Homeless’. When Stan takes you to go beg for money, sit down and then get up to have Jodie mention sitting somewhere else. Stay on that side of the road, walk all the way down the sidewalk until you see the ATM, then use Aiden to access the ATM and get money out. Take the money and give it to Stan.

Smart Thief – Bronze

– Deactivated the supermarket’s camera.

This is earned during the  chapter ‘Homeless’. When Tuesday is having her baby, you and Stan will run to the store to get supplies, but before opening the door to get in, use Aiden to disable the camera.

Miracles – Bronze

– Looked after Tuesday’s baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan.

This earned in the chapter ‘Homeless’. While you are having dinner with everyone, they will ask Jodie what happened in her past. Make sure to select the ‘Sincere’ option and then walk up to each person and select them to channel each one.

Medicine Girl – Bronze

– Successfully performed the entire ritual.

This is earned during the chapter ‘Navajo’. Towards the end of the chapter, speak with the old woman, go outside and build a fire, then pick up a stick and draw the symbol in the sand. If you can’t remember the symbol, it will be the X button when selecting them. Eventually, you will need to use Aiden to be the last soul and then you will see a scene where you need to hit the entity 3 times as he is being sucked into the portal.

Not Just Sand – Bronze

– Ran from the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits.

This is earned during the chapter ‘Navajo’. On the second night when the sandstorm hits, go outside and the entity will eventually chase you. Make sure to complete all of the QTEs until the entity is fought off by the spirits – The QTEs for this will all be moving the right stick in whatever direction Jodie is moving, shaking the controller, and using Aiden to defend Jodie.

Eye for an Eye – Bronze

– Didn’t speak during the interrogation.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Dragon’s Hideout’. When Jodie and Ryan are captured and interrogated, set the controller down and don’t press anything.

Agent 894732 – Bronze

– Told the truth during the interrogation.

This trophy is the complete opposite of Eye for an Eye. When given the prompt ‘Speak’, press it to earn this trophy.

Almost Too Easy – Bronze

– Went to the containment shield with the General.

This trophy is earned during the chapter ‘Dragon’s Hideout’. When Jodie and Ryan get out of the submarine, use Aiden to possess the General, who will escort Jodie and Ryan to the containment field.

Chose Afterlife – Bronze

– Entered the Infraworld.

This is earned during the chapter ‘Black Sun’. When you reach the very end of the mission, select ‘Beyond’ when given the choice between “Beyond” and “Life”.

Chose Life – Bronze

– Stayed in reality.

This is earned during the chapter ‘Black Sun’. When you reach the very end of the mission, select ‘Life’ when given the choice between “Beyond” and “Life”.

Convince Dawkins – Bronze

– Helped Dawkins see the truth.

This is earned during the chapter ‘Black Sun’. Towards the end, you will run into Nathan and a conversation prompt will come up. At this point you will need to choose the option ‘Reason’ both times it pops up, for the trophy to pop at the end.

Black Sun Down – Bronze

– Deactivated the Black Sun.

This trophy will be earned upon completion of the chapter ‘Black Sun’. Do not let Jodie before shutting down the Black Sun.

Two Souls – Bronze

– Launched a scene in Duo mode.

Before starting the game, or by looking in the options menu, you can select to play through Beyond with another controller or the iPhone/Android Beyond Touch app.

The End – Silver

– One possible reality has been uncovered…

This trophy is earned by completing the game. The choices you make or what ending you get will not matter for this trophy.

Uncontrollable – Silver

– Took every opportunity to be evil as Aiden.

This trophy will require you to play across multiple chapters starting with ‘The Experiment’ and ending with ‘The Dinner’. There are only 6 opportunities to be evil with Aiden that are required for this trophy.

  1. Chapter ‘The Experiment’ – Choke Kathleen after destroying everything in the test room
  2. Chapter ‘The Embassy’ – Kill the guard on the 2nd floor
  3. Chapter ‘The Party’ – Set the house on fire
  4. Chapter ‘My Imaginary Friend’ – Choke the kid outside after the snowball fight
  5. Chapter ‘Alone’ – Choke Philip
  6. Chapter ‘The Dinner’ – Ruin the date with Ryan

Never Alone – Silver

– Started at least one romance.

All you have to do is select the ‘Kiss’ option when it appears. This can be first earned during the chapter ‘The Party’, and then again while playing through ‘The Dinner’.

Entities Master – Silver

– Was victorious in every battle with the  evil entities.

This trophy will require playing through multiple chapters starting with ‘The Condenser’ and ending with ‘First Night’. All you need to do is successfully defeat the entities as Aiden in both of these chapters.

A Better World – Silver 

– Let every possible character die and chose to go with them to the Infraworld.

This trophy will require you to play across multiple chapters beginning with ‘Homeless’ and ending with ‘Black Sun’.

  • Let Jimmy and Walter die in the fire during ‘”Homeless’.
  • During the chapter ‘Navajo’, don’t heal Paul.
  • During the chapter ‘Norah’, Kill Jodie’s mom (Norah) with Aiden before leaving her room.
  • During the chapter ‘Black Sun’, Do not go back for Cole when he is attacked by an entity.
  • During the chapter ‘Black Sun’, when talking to Nathan, choose ‘Blame’ for the first prompt and then ‘Cold’ for the next. He will shoot you (don’t do anything) and Ryan will be the next to die.
  • Choose the option ‘Beyond’ when given the choice between ‘Life’ and ‘Beyond’.

Explorer – Silver

– Found all the bonuses.

There are 22 bonuses found throughout the game, but only 20 of them can be picked up – the other 2 will be given to you by completing the game. The 20 collectables can only be found and picked up by Aiden and can be picked up via chapter select, so you can just pick up what you missed. You also can  quit out of the chapter once you have acquired the bonus, so you don’t have to finish the chapter. To find out what bonuses you have, go to ‘Additional Content’ > ‘Bonus’ in the main menu.

Together Till the End – Gold

– Finished the game in Duo mode.

You have to complete entire game in Duo Mode. Duo Mode will need to be selected  before starting the game, but you can just use another controller or the iPhone/Android Beyond Touch app and switch when needed. Also, make sure to select Duo mode each time you continue your game, or you will fail this trophy.

All Endings… – Gold

– Saw all endings.

There are many endings in Beyond that are all based off of who is alive or dead. This will require 2 play-throughs and multiple replays of ‘Black Sun’.

  • Get to the end of the game and let all characters die.
  • With all characters dead, choose ‘Life’.

  After choosing life you have to watch each characters ending:

      1. Ryan
      2. Jay
      3. Zoey
      4. Alone
  • With all characters dead, replay ‘Black Sun’ and choose ‘Beyond’.
  • Get to the end of the game with all characters alive.
  • With all characters alive, choose ‘Life’.

 After choosing life you have to watch each characters ending:

      1. Alone
      2. Jay
      3. Zoey
  • With all characters alive, replay ‘Black Sun’ and choose ‘Beyond’.
  • Let Jodie die in ‘Black Sun’. Fail the QTEs after meeting Nathan

Saved All – Gold

– Saved every character that could be saved.

This trophy will require multiple chapters to be played starting with ‘Homeless’ and ending with ‘Black Sun’.

  • Save Walter and Jimmy from the fire in ‘Homeless’.
  • Heal Paul in his room with Aiden before talking to the old lady in ‘Navajo’.
  • Leave Norah’s room in ‘Norah’.
  • Go back for Cole when he is attacked by an entity and heal him in ‘Black Sun’.
  • Convince Nathan to see the truth by selecting ‘Reason’ in both conversations to ensure that Ryan survives in ‘Black Sun’.
  • Choose the option ‘Life’.

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