PlayStation Now May Not be Available in Canada This Summer After All

As part of an interview following the announcement of PlayStation Now, SCEA’s John Koller said, “US and Canada, we’ll launch PlayStation Now first – we talked about summer.” While that seemed to indicate PS Now would be available in the US and Canada this summer, it turns out that that won’t be the case anymore.

In an update on Mobile Syrup, they have received a response from Sony about Koller’s comment, with the company saying he had been misinterpreted and PS Now won’t be coming out in Canada this summer. Sony also said they have “no current plans to bring PlayStation Now to Canada, although it may launch the service [in Canada] in the future.”

Basically, there’s still a chance PlayStation Now will come to Canada this summer (a supposed leaked slide suggests it will happen in Q2 2014), but there’s been no official announcements yet.

With just one week to go in January, a US beta for PlayStation Now is expected to start by the end of this month.

How disappointed would you be if PlayStation Now wasn’t made available in Canada by the end of this summer? Let us know in the comments below.