Outlast Trophy Guide (PS4)

Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s trophy guide for Outlast! There are only 8 trophies to be collected here and 5 of them are story related. In preparation for Insane mode, it is recommended that you play through the game collecting all of the documents and notes. There are 62 total, so collecting them all will help you learn the layout of each chapter which will benefit you greatly on Insane mode. During this play-through, also take note of how the enemies behave, where they walk, and what areas they will not chase you through. That will be very valuable information to you for your Insane mode play-through.

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers in this guide. If you are trying to avoid spoilers, it’s recommended that you complete the game before reading any further.

Illuminated – Bronze

– Restore power to the  Administrative Block.

This trophy is story related.

Flushed – Bronze

– Drain the Sewers.

This trophy is story related.

Soaked – Bronze

– Activate the sprinklers in the Male Ward.

This trophy is story related.

Emancipated – Bronze

– Collect the key in the Female Ward.

This trophy is story related.

Educated – Silver

– Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings.

See the trophy Pulitzer for more details.

Punished – Silver

– Finish the game.

This trophy is story related.

Pulitzer – Gold

– Collect all documents and complete all recordings.

There are 31 documents and 31 notes to be found and collected in Outlast. Documents are flashing blue folders that are picked up. The notes are a little different. To  collect a note you’ll have to use your camcorder to record certain things or events through-out the game. You’ll know you’ve successfully recorded something when a little camcorder icon pops up in the lower right hand side of the screen. The documents and notes must all be found in one entire play-through. You cannot use chapter select and starting a new game will reset whatever collectibles you have. Below are videos detailing the locations of all collectibles chapter by chapter.

Administration Block:


Prison Block:




Male Ward:




Female Ward:


Return to the Administration Block:


Underground Lab:


Lunatic – Gold

– Finish the game in Insane mode.

Insane mode is as it says, insane. Enemies kill you in only a couple hits, there are no checkpoints, you cannot save the game, there are less extra batteries to pick up, and you can only carry 2 batteries for your camcorder. The little bit of good news here is that the enemies still spawn and act the same way as in other difficulties. Knowing the enemy behaviors makes it easier for you to run through the areas avoiding them. There are areas where enemies can’t follow you to, so if you’re being chased remember how to get back to that area. You’ll need to conserve your batteries as much as possible. Only use the night vision if you absolutely have to. Turing up the brightness in the game can also help you out a little bit. The best areas to hide are lockers and up in air vents (if you can find an open one). Saving your batteries and remembering where enemies walk are the 2 biggest things that will help get you through this.

Thank you for using our guide! If you have any questions regarding this guide or would like to provide some tips feel free to contact me on Twitter@9Richard19, as well as in the comments below.