The Video Game Collective: Ep 1 – Batman Gets Old and Rambo Hugs

Welcome to the first episode of The Video Game Collective, a brand new bi-weekly podcast like no other. Starring Daniel Bischoff from Game Revolution, Dan Oravasaari from PlayStation LifeStyle and Joey Davidson from Crave Online. That’s right, three different hosts from three different sites, taking you behind the scenes of the games industry from every angle, like no other show can.

In this weeks show, Daniel B and Joey D bore Dan O to tears with some Nintendo chat, before the discussion breaks down into talking about the future of the Batman series in the video game industry, Mass Effect, the US government using taxes to inhibit the production of violent video games and giant Rambo hugs.

You got to play this!



Fans of Bad Gamers will have to stay tuned next week, when it makes its return. What do you guys think of the Batman Arkham series making a return? Would you pick up Mass Effect on PS4? Should the government exclude violent video game developers from tax credits? Let us know in the comments below or take to our forums and let the world know how you feel.