The Catch-Up: April 28th, 2014 – Retailer Lists Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4, Xbox One

Could BioWare be saving an announcement for E3?

General News

  • After BioWare revealed they had internally discussed bringing the Mass Effect Trilogy to PS4 and Xbox One, Chilean retailer ZMart has posted listing for the trilogy on those new-gen systems. This could just be a retailer making a mistake, or with E3 2014 fast approaching, it could be an early leak. Only time will tell. [Via, Source 1, 2]
  • Also on the retailer side of things, Gamefly has listed The Wolf Among Us for PS4 and Xbox One. Considering Telltale Games has yet to confirm The Walking Dead Season 1 new-gen rumor, we could be waiting some time before they confirm or deny this. [Via, PS4, Xbox One]
  • Follow the links for trophy/achievements lists for Wolfenstein: The New Order, MLB 14: The Show, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE has been approved for PlayStation 3! A release date announcement is expected shortly, so stay tuned. [Twitter]
  • There will be a “haunting” new trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect at some point during the week. [Twitter]
  • LittleBigPlanet is getting an Oddworld: Abe costume this week. [Details]
  • There will be a significant announcement regarding the Persona franchise given out this Friday. So long as it’s game-related, we’ll let you know all about it. [Via, Source]
  • Irrational Games spent “a disturbing amount of time on” Elizabeth’s chipped nail polish. [Twitter]
  • Want to learn a little about the changes brought along with Cel Damage HD? [Check Out This Dev Blog]
  • A new rumor floating around the internet is that a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us is in the works right now. Since there’s no official confirmation yet, take this with a grain of salt. [Source 1, 2]
  • The PlayStation Vita version of VVVVVV is “imminent,” according to developer Terry Cavanagh. Once it has a release date, we’ll let you know. [Via, Source]
  • On May 21st, Kadokawa Corporation (Demon Gaze) will acquire 80% of the total number of From Software’s (Dark Souls, Armored Core) shares from previous stakeholder Transcosmos in a transfer. Transcosmos is expecting to get $1.75 billion yen (about $17 million USD) from the sale. [Via, Source]
  • Ubisoft shows off the differences between Watch Dogs’ Chicago and the Chicago you see on Google Maps [Twitter]:


New Videos

  • In just one more week, MLB 14: The Show will come to the PS4. Here’s the latest dev diary to get you familiar with the new-gen version:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out this week on PS4 and PS3. Want to save some money? has it for $10 off right now:

  • Those infamous E.T. game cartridges buried in the desert were unearthed this past weekend:

  • If you’ve already watched the latest Destiny gameplay video, here’s Community Manager David Dague talking about co-op:

  • Here’s a couple of AR concept videos from the PlayStation Japan YouTube account [Via]:

Do you think the Mass Effect Trilogy PS4 listing will turn out to be real?