Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Listings Appear on Portuguese Retailer’s Website

It’s that time again. Rumblings of a Mass Effect remaster are once more making the rounds. This time said rumblings come courtesy of a listing for Mass Effect Trilogy via a Portuguese retailer website. Should the listing prove accurate, EA plans to release the collection on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One platforms.

Twitter user Nibellion spotted the listings on Fortunately, Nibellion managed to capture a screenshot of the page, since the link is no longer active. Check out the screenshots in the Twitter post below:

While the above tweet suggests the Trilogy logo is new, it’s actually the same logo that appears on box art for Mass Effect Trilogy’s PS3 and Xbox 360 release. As always, though, fans shouldn’t take any of this as confirmation of the remaster’s existence. However, it is worth noting that there’s plenty to suggest EA has such a project in the works.

The first hints of a Mass Effect remaster emerged late last year due to EA’s talk of “exciting remasters.” Speculation about the trilogy’s return especially hit a high this past May, thanks to a report from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb. According to Grubb’s claim, EA does plan on launching an HD remaster for BioWare’s beloved series. The journalist also noted that a Switch version could release somewhere down the line, too. Interestingly, another report from Grubb in recent weeks says the remaster will hit stores this October.

Of course, we won’t know whether any of this is legitimate until EA shares the news itself.

[Source: via Nibellion on Twitter]