Ready at Dawn on The Order: 1886: “There is no Tearing When You Play the Game”

May 26, 2014Written by Jason Dunning


Back on Friday, Sony gave us a very short gameplay for The Order: 1886 (check it out here). Shortly after the video came out, Ready at Dawn Founder Andrea Pessino took to Twitter to answer some of the questions that popped up.

First up, Pessino addressed the stream:

Thanks everyone! Oh, and the frame rate is actually VERY nice, do not blame us for streaming issues please… 🙂

When probed further about the frame rate, Pessino said, “Steady, sturdy 30fps is what we aim for.” Then, someone asked about the screen tearing, to which he replied, “There is no tearing when you play the game, and if any ever shows up, we will squash it.”

After saying how the build shown in the video was “very old, like… 3 weeks old,” Pessino revealed that the new uniforms the characters used “are ‘infiltration’ uniforms. Much more logical for combat – the full ceremonial ones are used in other places.” Someone replied to that last comment and questioned the level of quality in the latest video, with Pessino saying:

The assets are the same or better – you just need a better video.

Another person questioned that comment, prompting Pessino to write:

Excuses? Can’t compare a ruined image to full res. Level of detail has not changed, if anything, it is up.

Finally, Pessino confirmed that there will be more interactive cinematic moments –  like dragging the commodore – by saying, “Absolutely – one of the things we are trying to do is to have a lot variety in the things you do moment to moment.”

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