PS Now PS4 Open Beta Coming in July, PS3 and PS Vita to Follow

At Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, SCEA president Shawn Layden has announced that PS Now for the PS4 will be in open beta this July 31 and will be available in Canada and North America. The PS3 and PS Vita version of PS Now will follow “soon” at a yet unspecified date.

In the same reveal, Layden announced that over 100 PS3 games will be playable with the lineup now consisting of heavy-hitters such as: MGSV: Ground Zeroes, God of War Ascension, and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Layden also revealed that soon, PS Now will be available for use in some Sony TVs, with only the DualShock 3 being the needed accessory.  We’ll post more info regarding PS Now once it becomes available.