Battlefield: Hardline Dev Comments on Moving Past BF4 Launch Issues, Claims It’s “Certainly a Goal”

Those who’ve played Battlefield 4 on any platform will have undoubtedly ran into an issue or two when playing the shooter’s online component.

Seeing as Battlefield: Hardline is part of the franchise — regardless if you like it or not, we couldn’t pass up the chance to ask Visceral Games lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser on our E3 video chat on how would they feel fans are going to react to Hardline given the problems associated with BF4, and if they think if the studio’s shooter will change that perception.

I sure hope so. That would certainly be a goal for us. I do want to point out that the beta we’ve had running on the floor has been incredibly stable. The server’s been up 8 or 7 hours at a time with no problems. I mean, the biggest problem we’ve had is someone getting kicked out of network cable. So, seriously, that’s the biggest technical problem we’ve had.

Hopefully, we release a super solid, fun, exciting game at launch and it’s stable, and everybody loves it. That’d be my goal.

This isn’t the first BF4-related question we asked Sasser. In our video interview set to go live later today, we also asked him why Hardline isn’t an expansion to BF4, and what he thinks of people seeing Hardline as re-using BF4′ assets.

Those in the beta, is it much more stable than BF4? How do you think it will be when the game launches this October?